O Prisioneiro
Directed by: K'Os Collective
Cast: Aldrey Rocha and Aline Campêlo
Duration: 50 minutes
Age Rating: 12 years
Photo: Lili Rodrigues

  • K'Os Coletivo
  • K'Os Coletivo



Eurico, who is a stingy old man and a true believer of St. Antonio, is always quarreling with his maid Caroba because of his most precious asset: a pig coffer where he keeps all his fortune.All of that because the smart Caroba takes advantage on the absence of Mr. Eurico at home to try to get the money that’s inside the pig coffer.However, Mr. Eurico, who is no fool, keeps na eye on his fortune day and night, Always alert to everything that happens in his residence. Nevertheless, Caroba doesn’t give up and cleverly architects a cock-and-bull plan to put her hands in her boss’ money.