Guerra de Cup&Cake


Direção: Sâmia Bittencourt

Elenco: Aldrey Rocha (Palhaço Pipiu) e Aline Campêlo (Palhaça Tramela)

Duração: 50 minutos

Classificação: Livre

Foto: Freddy Costa

Guerra de Cup&Cake 

Comedy Clownesca
Directed by: Sâmia Bittencourt
Cast: Aline Campêlo (Clown Tramela) and Aldrey Rocha (Clown Pipiu)
Duration: 60 minutes
Free classification
Photo: Freddy Costa

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It tells the story of two chefswho are experts in sweets who are fighting for the same goal: the biggest and best confectioner's award in the city of Mascavo. One is called Cup and the other Cake. What they did not expect is that in this fight, they would together create a sweet that would be known worldwide: the Cupcake.