Campeonato Cearense de Improvisação
Idealization: University of the Arts
Production: K'Os Collective
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  • K'Os Coletivo
  • K'Os Coletivo


The Campeonato Cearense de Improvisaçãois a theatrical improvisation festival held by the group K’Os Coletivo, which since 2012,has become a reference in all the state of Ceará. The festival has already reached a total audience of over four thousand people. The last edition was in 2016 and went through some biannual making changes.The main objective of the event is to spread the research in theatrical improvisation, forming new groups, researchers and lovers of the art of improvisation in every state.TheCampeonatoCearense de Improvisaçãoworks to consolidate theatrical improvisation in the state of Ceará, broadening the horizons of the public and artists through contact and training in the workshops proposed by the project.