As Velhacas

Directed by: Aldrey Rocha
Cast: Aldrey Rocha and Lucas Alexandre
Duration: 75 minutes
Age Rating: 14 years old
Photo: Freddy Costa and Jorge Mariano

  • K'Os Coletivo
  • K'Os Coletivo


As Velhacas tells about the life of two old friends that have something in common: they are addicted to welshing people in the square. Because of their many debts, they meet and start living together to escape the people they deceived. Be it on the beach, in the ball, or playing bingo, they always leave a very long and unpaid bill behind.GerusaandAretusaare “As Velhacas”, who became a big success among those they’ve deceived. The show surprises the audience with its aweless acts and a lot of comedy from the beginning to the end.